The New Way to buy equipment.order supplies.fulfill CE credits.sell your practice.

Get More. Pay Less. provides the dental profession with several ways to not only save money but to actually put money back into your bank account..

DentalAssets Makes You Money!

Dentistry’s First and Only Auction Platform

Unlike other dental supply websites, DentalAssets has a new and exciting Auction platform that was developed by a dentist with only dentists in mind.

Look in your supply closet and you will find a number of products you may have bought and never used. Perhaps you have equipment that you no longer need and might be of value to other dentists. In either case, why not take advantage of this potential unfound wealth and list these items on the DentalAssets Auction Platform.

Instead of sitting in your closet, this new found money may just mean a trip for your family or perhaps allow you to put your money to better use in your practice. Use your old supplies and equipment to purchase new supplies and equipment with DentalAsset’s Dollars.

DentalAssets Makes You Money!

DentalAssets was developed to make sure that we provide you with the dental supplies and equipment you need at the best possible prices available today.

Can’t find what you need, just ask and our team will search our affiliate partners to find that product at the best possible price.

With years of experience in the dental industry, from both the viewpoint of the practitioner as well as the manufacturer, we understand your needs and how difficult it can be to find what you need, when you need it. No one understands the dental profession more than the team at Dental Assets.

DentalAssets One Stop Shop

More than just a supply site or even an auction site, DentalAssets provides the dental profession with one place to go for buying and selling a dental practice, finding just the right post graduate course or maybe finding financing for that new addition to your dental facility.

Free to join, easy to use and just a great place to find everything your practice needs to succeed not only now but in the years to come.

Tired of selling your equipment through eBay, Craiglist, or other sales platforms? provides dentists and dental professionals with a one-stop shop for anything dental!

Our dedicated dental platform ensures dental professionals are viewing your item. Targeted dental traffic comes from our database of 150,000 local and international dentists. With more viewers looking at your item, most of our users prefer sales via auctions due to the benefits of price lift; resulting in more money in your pockets!

Auctions are controlled by you, the seller, but one should expect a realistic price. A 10 year old chair will not sell for the amount you purchased it for 10 years ago; even if in pristine condition. To see the true benefits of our dental auction, we recommend setting your auction start price at the lowest price you would accept or by utilizing a no-reserve price. Not sure what your item may be worth? Contact our dental experts to help you price your item!

In addition to reaching out to a dental equipment specialist, utilizes its historic sales information. We realize each sale is different due to time, condition, location, and other factors, but we provide a historical trend of sale prices.

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