1. We've Only Just Begun

    Your paperwork has been finalized. You’re registered with insurances, you have a DBA, your general equipment has been ordered, and you’ve started building a website, ordered your banner signs, and began other marketing efforts. What is left? Supplies, Marketing, Staffing, and other equipment.

    What are general dental practice equipment? Essentials that are required to run your office; Dental Chair(s), Dental Compressor, Vacuum, Sterilizer, x-ray head, film/digital sensors, handpieces and instruments. Of course supplies are missing, but without these basic pieces, your office will not be able to operate. As posted in previous articles, we recommend purchasing a compressor and vacuum new. We would also recommend new x-ray heads, and digital sensors, but used items can be cost effective. provides you an easy to way find local equipment used by other dentists at lower prices.  

    With the essential equipment purchased, you can think about the supplies and extras; burs, lathes, trays, composites, filling material, anethetics and more.  For instruments, we recommend high quality supplies such as BMT Dental Instruments. Quality instruments will make your life easier and last longer than more affordable options.

    Your office is now equipped, built-out and essentially ready for new patients. If you do a quick calculation of overall cost, you will most likely have atleast $50,000 invested. This is dependent on what equipment you will be using in your office. The old debate of want vs needs comes to mind.  I believe everyone wants a 3d scanner, Cerec, intra-oral cameras, x-ray sensors, lasers, and other high-tech goodies, but do you want to invest over $150,000+ in this equipment? The bottom line is, not every office needs the high end equipment. Looking at your location, you should have a general idea of the type of dentistry you will be practicing. Is your plan long term ownership? These are all calculations you will need to make on your own to determine how much capital your willing to invest within the office.

    If this is the first practice you’ve owned you’ve made it through the first hurdle. Your office has been created, but now you have the hurdles of management, marketing, and overhead.

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  2. Dotting the i's and crossing the t's

    Part V

    If you think your troubles are almost over, you may want to reconsider your decision to start your dental office. You’ve developed your marketing plans, have your equipment and other specialty items integrated into your dental buildout and your contractor has finalized and been approved for electrical, plumbing, and has started dry-wall and painting the interior.

    Paramount Dental leaseholds Sale   Dental Leasehold Paramount Sale

    Paramount Dental leasehold sale

    Dental practice Leasehold sale Paramount

    Your office space is beginning to look like a dental office! If your making a digital dental office, your contractor has run a patch panel and you have began shopping for a switch, server, work stations, router(s), software, firewall, and other networking goodies to keep you HIPPA compliant. In addition you’ve considered a phone system and phone locations and have your cabinet maker or fitted the size of your cabinetry to your office and selected your paint, flooring, and doors. While the majority of your build-out has been completed, as with most tasks, the final 10% is what sets the difference between average and extraordinary.

    With the walls getting buttoned up, its time to source your large equipment: Dental Chair(s), X-ray head(s), Compressor, Vacuum, Sterilizer, X-ray Film / Digital Sensors, and other large equipment. Certain items you should purchase new, others you can purchase used. We at highly recommend you purchase your vacuum, compressor, and digital sensors new. These are essentials to practicing dentistry and you will want quality equipment. Dental chairs, you can purchase used and reupholster unless you find one in great condition.

    As a reminder, will assist you in finding new and used equipment. Take a look at the equipment, supplies, CE courses, and items we have for auction by visiting our homepage:

    Other items, such as such as computers, sterilizers, waiting room chairs, etc can be found at used prices in great quality.  At assists you in finding this equipment at bargain prices from other dentists who are either retiring or have no need for it in their office.

    With most of your large equipment figured out you will want to ensure your digital office is networked. With the recent advancements in Wi-Fi technology, you can utilize laptops in your office as mobile stations , but need to ensure your entire office is covered by your Wi-Fi router. In most cases, we recommend using a combination of a traditional network utilizing a patch panel, switch, firewall, router and cat5/cat6 ethernet cables to ensure your office is prepared. In the name of network security, we recommend hidden SSIDs, secure passwords, and hardwiring as many connections as possible. We will cover this more in depth as we prepare our to network our office.

    As a reminder, your business entity name should have been accepted and published, your logo created/finalized, your banner or signage being prepared,  sign up with all insurance providers you want to accept, apply for your personal insurance and other licensing you will need and are beginning to order your supplies or other equipment you will need. There are quite a few legal requirements needed to open a dental office and its best to ensure you set your best foot forward.

    If you have any conerns starting your dental office buildout or questions in general, email us at [email protected]

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  3. Straight from the top!

    We have been contacted by a major corporate dentistry chain to supply their offices with BMT Instruments. These high quality German dental instruments currently carry CE (European Conformity) , EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 (Quality Management System of Medical Devices ), BMG (German Federal Ministry of Health), FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration ), Health Canada, Ministero della Salute (Italian Health Ministry ), MFDS | 식품의약품안전처 (Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety), and MOHW | 中華民國衛生福利部 (Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare (Republic of China) ) certifications. BMT manufactures surgical instruments from martensitic stainless steels (AISI1 421, 440, 440C2) which are the highest quality surgical steel available and provides you with a high quality instrument you can depend on.

    This corporate dentistry chain plans on growing to over 28 general dental practices this year and were looking for a trusted distributor such as DentalAssets to provide their premier offices with quality products such as BMT surgical instruments. Their buying power combined with DentalAssets ability to adjust order quantities at the time of purchase met their needs for a quality product at an affordable price.

    We at believe in the saying you should Never Pay More for quality dental equipment, supplies, CE Courses and practices.

    Register today or email [email protected] to receive our pricing! We also work on your behalf.

    Do you have a specific item you want to buy but are unsure if there is a better price? Contact [email protected] let us show you how we work for you.

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    We begin this update with a question we received via email from a doctor in Hampstead NW3.

    “Dear Sir,
    We have recently completed the strip out phase and drying out phase of our dental practice basement with local builders. We want to convert it to a two surgery practice in the basement and a sterilization room and are looking for a specialist dental practice builders and designers to complete the task”

    As they have stripped out and dried their space, we recommend they begin by following part 2 of this article. Although they are based in England, similar rules still apply of ensuring you have a well-designed space for the doctor to work in, ensuring the construction is up to code, and finding a contractor that develops and builds up to code. Some of the codes that your contractor and designer should be aware of are the Americans with Disabilities Act (AwDA). While this may not be applicable to England, dentists in the United States will want to make sure these requirements are satisfied.

    Week 2 Update

    Speaking of building code, we had much progress in regards to the build out. In general, state codes will include electrical, fire, mechanical, building, plumbing, energy, and historical building codes. Many of these codes are based on standards set forth by national and international industry groups (such as the State Plumbing Code which is based on the Uniform Plumbing code, and State Fire Code is based on the International Fire Code). Some codes are also healthcare facility specific.

    Even further with codes, California limits exposure to air contaminants such as glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, and nitrous oxide! Assuming your designer has done their job correctly; they have accounted for an amalgam separator, secure container for controlled substances, an area for cold storage for dental materials and other features you want incorporated in your office.

    We have had the city inspector approve the framing and had progress on the electrical and plumbing. As each (electrical and plumbing) are separate systems, they will each need to be inspected separately. According to our Perk Chart we are still on schedule as most of the plumbing (air, water, and evacuation) and electrical are scheduled to be completed by the end of the week.

    Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale

    Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale


    As our contractor works on plumbing and electrical, we have already ensured these pipes are matted to the correct equipment. For our 3 operatory dental office, we have selected a two-head compressor with dryer, amalgam separator, water filter and separator tanks to ensure our office has filtered water, high suction power, and air to power the dentistry. (contact [email protected] for your special pricing)


    Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale

    As we continue construction of the dental office, the contractor has had run more of the electrical work and plumbing into the walls. For inspection, it is key to note you do not want to cover any of this work up. The inspector will want to see the work and will take down any work you may have put up.

    Keep up to date as we update you on next week's progress! If you ever have any concerns in regards to your build out contact us at [email protected] or by calling our office at 1 (888) 518-5788

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  5. Startup Dental Office – I started my dental built out! What happens now?

    Watch Me Grow

    We have started the construction of the office. Depending on the condition of the space, your contractor may need to take different steps to prep the floor. In our case, we removed the floor tile to expose the cement. From there, the contractor followed the floorplan and sprayed out the floor plan.

    Paramount Dental leasehold floorplan

    With the floor planned painted, and the plumbing routes figured out, the contractor began cutting the cement and laying the foundation of the office.

    Paramount Dental buildout leaseholds For Sale Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale

    You may notice the ground is still wet. They use a water cutter to ensure the blade does not over heat and the water goes everywhere. Your contractor should also provide you with a timeline (often called a Perk Chart) to see how far along they get on a daily/weekly basis.

    The foundation is laid with nails that are driven into the concrete. Once the concreate is cut for plumbing, the contractor finishes up the framing. With the framing complete, your contractor should have a local inspector come to view all the work to ensure it is up to code. The inspector may come quickly, but more often than not there is a delay for the inspector to inspect the work.

    Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale Paramount Dental buildout leaseholds For Sale

    Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale

    Now is the time to run cables for any additional features you want (speaker systems, camera systems, networking lines). You will see in a few of the photos portions of the electrical work have begun.

    If you have questions or concerns on how to start your build out or about this Paramount build out, email [email protected] or call us at 888 518 5788

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  6. Startup Dental Office – I can do it! I want to Start my own office!

    You have received your DDS/DMD degree, have a few years of experience under your belt, and are comfortable with extractions, fillings, cosmetic procedures, and other dentistry procedures! Your experiences, possibly as a dental associate, have persuaded you to pursue practice ownership. Dental practice ownership is a long and tedious path, but can be very rewarding and starts with you. Are you able to focus on other aspects besides dentistry of a dental office? (Some food for thought: Staffing / Cashflow / Supplies / Equipment / Marketing & Advertising / Insurances / and more).

    Great! You’re still on the path of entrepreneurship. One of the first steps to practice ownership is deciding the type of practice you’re buying into: Turnkey (Equipment, Space and Patients), Leaseholds (Equipment and Space), Build-out (Space). Each has their pros and cons. Turnkeys offices have a higher cost to enter, but have patients coming in. Leaseholds have a lower cost to enter, but you must market and generate patients and build-outs are building the space and patients from the ground up. For Southern California based dental offices contact our partners at First Choice Practice Sales to discuss buying or selling your dental office.

    In this series, we are focusing on Build outs. These offices can become extremely expensive as there are multiple pieces moving throughout the process that need to be aligned correctly. With our experience, we can ensure the office is built to a high standard with a minimal budget. While focusing on a location, some general questions to ask are:

    What demographic of patients are you looking for?
    How much do you want to pay for rent?
    What type of location are you looking for?
    How far do you want to live from your office?

    If you answered, “I am looking for a Hispanic patient base, with cheap rent, in a strip center, in Paramount, CA” we have the office for you! This article is based around our dental office buildout in Paramount, CA! This practice is currently listed at $175,000 (equipped) and can be purchased prior to it opening. Claim your new location before the collections raise the sales price. Keep reading to see how we will be building this office over the next 8 weeks! If you are looking for other types of patients or location the general rules still apply to starting your own dental office.

    So far, you have selected a location you like and signed a lease with the landlord or purchased the real estate. The clock is ticking as you are accumulating monthly expenses. Now is the time to begin your marketing. With this office in Paramount, we have registered our website domain names ( and and have the website development team building content to start our SEO strategies. This location is also next to a major retail anchor, Starbucks. As time comes closer to opening, you can see how this affects our marketing campaigns.

    Paramount Dental leaseholds For Sale

    As a build out, you will need a design for the office. With our previous experiences with build-outs, we selected a close friend of ours to design the office. The design will need to be approved by the city and the landlord. Once your design has been approved, you can begin looking for contractors. At the same time, you will want to apply for a fictitious business name and register it with your city.

    Paramount Dental Leaseholds Plans

    We decided to use our go-to contractor. In your case, you will want to look for referrals or feel out the contractors for yourself. A good contractor will be licensed, have photos/mock-ups of previous work completed, and should have a list of dentists you can call to see what their experience was like. With an experienced practice contractor they will address any concerns you may have with building your office. If you haven’t done so already, now is also the best time to consider what extra features you want your office to have. Many dentists integrate speaker systems to drown out the sound of the drills, security camera systems, Ethernet patch panels, nitrous lines/air lines for sedation dentistry and other unique features they prefer in their office.

    We will continue to show you progress during the following weeks. If you are interested in speaking to an experience Practice Developer, please do not hesitate to give a call at 888-518-5788 or send us an email at [email protected].

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  7. Make yourself Memorable!

    Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Shape Of You’ has become quite popular and while there are ifferent versions being sung, a parody also makes the list. The song which is topping billboard charts is sung by a Dentist in UK and it is nothing like you would have imagined. It is funny but yet talks about oral hygiene in a hilarious way.

    Dr. Milad Shadrooh has made dentistry fun and made himself very memorable. With 36,000+ views on youtube, 10,000+ views on Instagram, you can imagine how much traffic his website(s) and social media profiles are generating. Make yourself a memorable dentist and your patients will remember.
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  8. Join us in Chengdu to be part of the 16th West China International Exhibition & Symposium on Dental Equipment, Technology & Products

    Dental Show China West
    Dental Show West China has excelled once again for its 15th edition since its debut in 2001 in Chengdu. In 2016, the show welcomed 431 exhibitors from 17 countries, 23,846 professional visitors and buyers in a total exhibiting space of 20,000 sqm. Next year, Dental Show West China will continue to be held in Chengdu, China on 25 to 28 April 2017, but expand to three halls (HALL 5-6-7) with 30,000 sqm in total.


    The dental industry in West China always shows strong support for the event. Come join top-level speakers, dental equipment and device manufacturers, dealers and distributors from more than 10 regions in West China, and  leading suppliers to the dental health business at Dental Show West China. 3M, Kavo, Carestream, New Tom, Vatech, Staumann, Miele, GSK, W&H, Morita, NSK, Dentsply Sirona, have confirmed their presence in Dental Show West China 2017. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand business in West China with the only dedicated platform to the dental industry in the region.



    West China: The land of opportunities

    In 2015, the dental service industry in China has reached over US $10 billion of which west China has contributed 30%.  We expect these statistics to grow thanks to the increase in oral health awareness throughout the western region. Demand for dental care is increasing stronger than before as patients are looking for affordable and accessible dental health service. Will you be apart of the growth?


    Chengdu! Can do!

    Located in the heart of West China, Chengdu serves as trade, logistic, financial, scientific, transportation and communication hub. With 252 of Fortune 500 Companies, Chengu is a top-ranking city in western China with increasing investment volume and sector coverage. In 2013, the regional GDP of Chengdu grew an amazing 10% to reach CNY900.0 billion.


    “We’ll continue to leverage the show for our marketing direction and strategy to enhance our business in west region.” Mr. Shen from Dentium (Korea) commented after 15th edition in 2016.



    About event

    For more than 15 years, Dental Show West China has provided visitors with very latest products, service development and trends through  intensive conferences and lecturs with distinguished speakers. These high-profile conferences are driven by the need of dentists and relevant scholars, striving to bring best-practice and innovative healthcare to their patients. The event is organized by West China College of Stomatology known as the birthplace of China’s modern dental science education and Hope Tarsus Exhibition – a renowned organizer of trade exhibition and events in mainland China. 


    Contact us today to book your stand !

    Ms. Mikeo Wang

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: +86 (21) 6439 7264


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  9. How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Dental Practice

    With all the buzz and feedback we’ve gotten from our last dental internet marketing article, we’ve decided to expand on another important aspect of online marketing: Reviews.

    I think everyone knows how important reviews are these days. They say the best advertising is free advertising and referrals. A good review is a combination, the best of both worlds.

    A bad review, however, can tarnish your name and brand and send potential patients running!

    Having no reviews isn’t as harmful as having bad reviews, but if your competitor has reviews and you don’t, guess where the patient is going to go?

    Sites like Yelp and Google+ (Formerly Google Places) let anyone post reviews of local businesses. Thousands of people go to these sites every day to decide which dentist to use. The goal for your dental office should be to get as many great reviews in as many places as you can, so no matter where potential patients look, they will see good things about your practice.

    So how do you get reviews, and how do you make sure they’re good reviews?

    Step 1: Ensure your dental practice is top notch.
    Be the best you can be and you are bound to get some good reviews eventually. On the converse, if patients leave unsatisfied, they are never too busy to write a bad review and tarnish your online reputation.

    Step 2: Ask politely.
    Happy patients will go home and go on with their lives. As a friendly reminder, ask the patient for a review as they leave the office! If they are not technologically savvy, have a guide for how to leave reviews on Google+, Facebook, Yelp or your website! Stay away from giving away items for good reviews. It’s unethical and presents your brand as less legitimate. Keep in mind, its up to the patient to leave a review and most will not leave reviews on all 3 sites!

    Step 3: Publicize your reviews
    So you have your reviews aggregated on one site. Great! Now what? Make sure people see them! Develop a system that gets patients to write reviews and distributes them all over the internet. For patients who do not want to create a Google+/Facebook/Social Media account, Solutionreach’s SmileReminders has a built in review system that is based from the patients email! Even better, it pushes those reviews to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform. Want to learn more about SmileReminders? Contact Amanda Stark.

    Food for Thought: You can’t please everyone.
    Even if you provide the best dentistry experience possible, some people have bad days. Not all your reviews will be 5-stars and not everyone will leave happy. Even if you receive a few bad reviews, its not the end of the world! Having some bad reviews make your business look more authentic. I personally read the bad reviews first just to have of “the worst experience possible”.

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